Web 2.0 and Semantic Web Software Development

We are a team of software developers based in Rome, Italy. We share a common vision about this job in order to provide you with a qualified support for your software related needs. All the people here have been working on every aspect of the software development cycle and so have acquired experiences that let us figure out the solution you are looking for. In order to give you the best assurance of the quality of our job we all are committed to follow a professional path based on competence and responsibility. Our main focus is the development of Web 2.0 and semantic web applications. The development process used depends on your needs but we agree with the common thinking in the software engineering community that most of the time an agile approach based on unit tests and continuous refactoring gives the best results in less time. Agile doesn't mean lazy so we use UML and CASE tools to take notes of your requirements, get a reliable value of the effort and be sure the software will be delivered at scheduled time. We know system requirements and use cases can change during the development life cycle to follow the real world events. In order to build an application with a graphic user interface, business logic and data persisted in some way a lot of technologies and competences are needed. The experiences gained on the jobs and constant research let us deliver training courses on some of the most valuable technologies related to software development, the Internet and the future Web:

During the last few years we have assisted to the emergence of new technologies that have changed the way people use the Web. From a web of static HTML files or documents we have moved to a pattern of usage where people share and collaborate to the production of digital artifacts on the Internet. Some tools like the wikis have been proven to enable better understanding and productivity also in the domain of software development. A further shift is coming with the advent of the Semantic Web or Web of Data in which the machines will help us to make a better use of structured informations scattered on the Web at the granularity usually only provided by relational databases in private networks or within the borders of data silos.


Viewing the CIA World Factbook

The CIA World Factbook provides a lot of data about the geography, people, government, economy, communications,>>

Rome Semantic Web Meetup Group Rome Semantic Web Meetup

W3C eGovernment IG

The first year issue paper Improving Access to Government through Better Use of the Web is now published

SPARQL player

An online lab has been set up to play with RDF and SPARQL


The SWAP (Semantic Web Applications and Perspectives) 2008 5th workshop aims at a relaxed meeting for brainstorming and debating among international researchers and developers on the Semantic Web, with a special focus on aspects which can enable wide-scale use of Semantic Web technologies. The workshop is located in Rome at FAO-UN, 15-17 December 2008.

Information Interoperability

One of the main benefit of the Information Technology is the reduction of the impact of imperfect knowledge in all domains of human activities.>>