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CIA World Factbook 2009 - Demographics

The five maps showed in this page are a report of the data about the world population at the end of the year 2009, the growth rate of each population and the density, number of people per km^2. Two other maps show the expected population at the end of the decade and the density. The data about the population in the year 2009 for each country and the growth rate are freely available at The World Factbook 2009. Washington, DC: Central Intelligence Agency, 2009.

2009 World population2019 Expected world population
2009 Population growth rate

The growth rates showed in the map are rounded.

2009 World population density2019 Expected world population density

In the 2009 the total world population amounts to 6576750388 people and the density is 48 people/km^2. The expected population at the end of the decade will be 7409098975, 832 million more people. The density will rise up to 64 people/km^2, 16 more people per km^2 in just a decade. The expected population for each country is based on the population growth rate estimated in the 2009. The values have been obtained using the formula

p2 = p1(1 + g)^y

where p2 is the population expected after y = 10 years, and g is the growth rate of the country.

Technical note

The data, originally provided by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), have been obtained from the D2R Server for the CIA Factbook using their SPARQL client to send the following very simple query

PREFIX factbook: <>
SELECT ?country ?population ?growthrate ?capital_city ?area
?x factbook:name ?country ;
factbook:population_total ?population ;
factbook:populationgrowthrate ?growthrate ;
factbook:capital_name ?capital_city ;
factbook:area_total ?area .

The data returned in the JSON format have been imported in a spreadsheet on Google Doc and then in a Google Fusion Table in order to be viewed in the maps.